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Summer camp for kids in Texas Gaushala

A wonderful summer camp done by Texas Gaushala volunteers, it was a Bal Sanskar Shala for the kids. They learned various activities like how to start the day by chanting mantras, yoga, playing Indic games, cooking together, serving food, taking care of cows, how cows save our environment, benefits of cow dung and cow urine, how to live in nature, and many more. On the last day of camp we decided the menu, and the elder kids cooked for everyone. All the volunteers felt very fortunate to have all those wonderful kids who also care their about their gurus. Last day of camp we had wonderful guest Usha Dadi. Kids performed what they learned and they got the opportunity to listen Dadi Maa ki kahaniya. We will keep continue this program throughout the Thanksgiving week or Christmas break.

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