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Project Build

This project involves preparing the land and building the infrastructure. Still in infancy, most of the work in this project are related to laying a foundation to establish a comfortable living environment for the cows and offer a delightful experience to gaushala visitors. 


Project Education

This project is aimed at promoting skills for taking care of cows and building a sustainable ecosystem grounded in Vedic concepts. With access to the right resources, people can become empowered with their own abilities and gain the confidence to fulfill their potential. 


Project Explore

We have had the opportunity to interact with people from the community having some of the most innovative and persistent minds. This has led to interesting experiments we have been able to pursue at TexasGaushala. Read more about how we had a special visitor exploring saffron cultivation.


Project Grow

Aimed at promoting organic farming using cow products, this project paves the path for creating nutrient-rich, organic fertilizers and setting up orchard for growing fresh fruits and vegetables. Learn more about how we generate nutrient-rich, organic fertilizers here


Project Health

This project is aimed at feeding cows and human beings nutritious food, ranging from finding the right food for the cows to sharing best practices for eating healthy food with the community. Watch out for more updates on our FB page on healthy snacks that will be offered at TexasGaushala.   


Project Sense

This project is aimed at bridging caps in cultural awareness by actively engaging the community in sharing beliefs and practices while respectfully celebrating holidays and festivals. Check out our gallery here with some phots from past events

2021 Funds: 54,564 USD

This year has been a mix of ups and downs for TexasGaushala with Houston's harsh weather conditions. We are very grateful for your continued support. Your contribution has enabled us to move forward with our efforts. We ask you stand by us as we take more steps forward.  

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