There are multiple ways you can make a donation: 

  • Via Mail: Please make checks payable to Texas Gaushala and mail to 18511 Fern Street, Cypress TX 77429.

  • Via this website: Make your online donations using the form below via PayPal or by using your credit/debit card. We recommend using PayPal for setting up recurring donations

  • Via Zelle or Venmo: You can find us by searching for

Cows are gentle, interesting animals. Shower your love by supporting them! 

Texas Gaushala is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit organization with Fed ID# 87-2324064 and all donations are tax-deductible.


Our Donation Schemes

  • infrastructure

    Donate $10 to help build infrastructure
    Valid for one week
  • Feed-a-cow

    Contact us so we feed on your behalf
    Valid for one week
  • (Recur) Feed-a-cow

    Every month
    Feed a cow once every month
  • Feed for a month

    One-time donation to feed all cows for a month
    Valid for 3 months
  • Recommended

    Dollar-a-day GauGras

    Every month
    Recurring $30/month to feed one cow once a month
  • Feed every Ekadashi

    Every month
    Contribute $51 every month to feed cows for every Ekadashi
  • Gau Pooja + Feeding

    Donate $91 one-time for gau pooja and cow feeding
    Valid for one week
  • Setup Pooja and Feed

    One-time donation to setup gau pooja and cow feeding
    Valid for one week
  • Feed for a day

    One-time donation of $251 to feed all the cows for a day
    Valid for one week
  • Platinum GauGras

    Every month
    Recurring monthly donation to adopt & feed a cow for a year
  • Grass Feed

    One-time donation for 2 months worth of alfa-alfa grass
    Valid for 2 months
  • Dianmond GauGras

    Every year
    Donate a cow (reach out to us for setting up installments)


Adopting a cow

One would cover food expenses for a cow for a year

Donating a cow

The cow will be the donor's family member.

One would cover the total cow cost in addition to food and medical costs for a year. They can choose to continue covering food and medical expenses, but will have to make additional yearly donations.  

Know the difference