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Reflection on the 2023 Texas Gaushala Family Picnic Day

December 25th was our 2023 Texas Gaushala Family Picnic Day, and it was amazing! All the attendees enjoyed the experience of a yoga session with music, a nature walk through the Gaushala, a corn-on-the-cob meal, and most of all, being blessed with feeding the cows.

As a part of the picnic, there were a variety of snacks consumed, ranging from roasted corn and sweet potatoes to different types of fritters and even tea. Additionally, the children and adults present played a variety of ancient games, which included Seven Stone, Antakshari, and Hopscotch, the latter of which brought back childhood nostalgia to the adults. Finally, we also went on a nature walk that took us through the cow grazing areas and up to the pond on the far side of the Gaushala. Overall, everyone had a great time and found the 2023 Family Picnic Day at the Texas Gaushala extremely memorable.

To all those who attended: Thank you all once again for joining us and making it a wonderful event. Be sure to stay updated with regular news on proceedings and events that are scheduled to take place in the Texas Gaushala, and we're all looking forward to meeting you again!

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