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Texas Gaushala stands as a community-driven initiative, conceived and managed by our local community members themselves. Our primary aim is to establish a protective shelter that offers cows a refuge from harsh weather conditions. Furthermore, this facility will enable us to create safe spaces for pregnant cows and new mothers, ensuring their well-being during meal times. It will also provide a secure environment for calves until they are mature enough to join the elder cows.

In addition to these initiatives, we are planning to incorporate a gazebo for outside activity, a designated area for conducting sacred Havan, parking lots, and converting the current barn into a community center where people can host various activities, engage in spiritual discourses, and access amenities such as restrooms.

The estimated total cost of this comprehensive project, encompassing both the Gaushala and the spiritual center, is $750,000 comprises of three phases. Phase one is $350,000 Currently, we have successfully secured $100,000 towards this goal. Phase 2 will include parking cultural centre and greenland. Third phases is renovate temple and kitchen for community However, we are actively involved in fundraising efforts to obtain an additional $650,000. We warmly appeal to your generosity and kindly request your contributions to assist us in bringing our Gaushala project to fruition. Your support will not only enhance the well-being of our cherished cows but also transform this endeavor into a well-rounded spiritual center.

Progress on the Project

Other Projects

Community Pooja Room renovation

Solar For Gaushala

Goverdhan Dham

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