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Jeevamrut (Cow dung based Natural Fertilizer):


Jeevamrut is a natural fertilizer crafted through the fermentation of a blend of cow dung and urine. This potent mixture not only enriches plant nutrition but also enhances the vitality of beneficial soil microorganisms and earthworms.


Within the fermentation process, the bacteria inherent in cow dung and urine flourish by utilizing nutrients found in Jaggery (Gud), lentil flour, exponentially multiplying their numbers.


To maximize its impact, a handful of soil is selected from the precise location where Jeevamrit will be applied. This practice ensures that the indigenous beneficial microorganisms in that specific soil are amplified, resulting in more effective outcomes.


Furthermore, Jeevamrut serves as a natural defender, reducing the presence of harmful fungi and bacteria in the soil, thus providing significant benefits to farmers.


It is widely believed that continuous utilization of Jeevamrit over three years can transform the soil into a rich reservoir of micro-nutrients essential for plant growth.


How to use:

Mix 1 glass of fertilizer with 10 glasses of water and apply in the evening during sunset .repeat after 21 days .

Cow dung Liquid Fertilizer

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  • Made from cow dung and cow urine

  • Need to pickup from Texas Gaushala

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