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Sulakshana's Day Out

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Sulakshana hesitated before stepping into the trailer, she shook in fear and was anxious. But, she calmed down momentarily and nibbled on a piece of banana every time her buddy, Nilesh, comforted her and told her she will be alright and that he is going to be right next to her. The next 30-40 minutes of driving to an unknown location seemed like a cruel act that would force Sulakshana to do something she didn't agree with. Or so it felt...until Sulakshana reached a beautiful garden.

Sulakshana was recently invited to bless devotees at the Govardhan Pooja organized theVallabh Priti Seva Samaj (VPSS), here at Houston, Texas. Being her first time stepping outside the comfort offered at TexasGaushala, Sulakshana was resistant to travel to a new place. Fear of the unknown contributed to her anxiety, but she attempted to handle the situation much better than expected, especially since she was surrounded by her loved ones, humans and cows. Little did she know that she will be visiting a temple and will witness love being showered by several devotees!

On reaching VPSS, Sulakshana's grim mood quickly changed to a happy one as she galloped outside the trailer and went running around a space that had been created only for her. Although she started to get playful and curious about the new place, she continued to keep an eye on her buddy, Nilesh. Soon enough, she found several people surrounding her to do Gau Pooja in the presence of Govardhan Giriraj! Sulakshana played with everyone and tried to be energetic throughout her visit. But this did tire her and she was waiting to head back home.

When time came to go home, Sulakshana happily jumped onto the trailer, so she could go back to her family. When back at gaushala, she went straight to her human mother, Pratibha, only to share stories of a long, tiring day. Being in an unknown place with several people around her had drained her energy, and all she wanted was the much-needed petting and love both from her human and cow family. It did take Sulakshana two days to recover from the trip. Would Sulakshana be interested in making more such visits? Time will tell...

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